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Helen is a highly versatile and accomplished singer. She combines her classical background with a passion for jazz and contemporary music. Misbehaving' projects ‘Timepiece’ and 'Elemental', feature a number of songs written by Helen. Her solo shows (Constant As The World & Unexpected Song) have been recorded at Sylvafield recording studios, Semley, and are available on CD (homepage).

She is currently working with double bass player Matt Taylor and drummer Tony Ives on a new project, the Helen Porter Trio. 


(All tracks performed by Helen Porter)


by Helen Porter

Constant As The World by Helen Porter


by Robin Walter

More information about Misbehavin' can be found on the website:


“Helen Porter, a singer of impressive versatility, is described varyingly as ‘sensuous’, ‘athletic’ and ‘downright seductive’.”  

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