ONLINE VOCAL WORKOUTS - Monday 9.30am,  Wednesday 9am and10am 
30 mins of vocal exercises for keeping your voice supple. Useful tips on how to perform the exercises correctly and effectively. £5 per session, to be paid in blocks of 6. New block starts October 21st 2020 - Apple Day Special!

SING JAZZ! Starts Thursday 8th October, 7.00pm - 8.15pm. Max 8 participants
4 week course - all things jazz, blues, swing and scat. (£75)

YOUR VOICE EXPLAINED - Starts Monday 5th October, 7pm - 8.15pm Max 8 participants.
6 week course - all aspects of vocal technique covered in detail including breathing for singing, correct use of articulators (jaw, tongue, lips), achieving optimum resonance. £95 for 6 sessions. Any singer welcome, also useful for choir leaders. (£95)

EXPLORING YOUR VOICE - Starts Monday 16th Nov, 7pm - 8.15pm
4 weekly sessions. Different genres demand a variety of vocal techniques. Understanding and mastering these techniques will give you much greater vocal control. We’ll explore how to access these techniques by working on four contrasting songs, each in a very different style - classical, music theatre, jazz and English art song. (£75) 

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