Helen’s versatility as a musician enables her to facilitate many aspects of music-making, including composition, improvisation, singing (choral and solo) and song-writing. She has facilitated workshops with elderly people, refugees, adults with learning difficulties, children, drama students, etc. and lead a number of song-writing projects in various parts of the country. Her popular summer weekend retreats from her home in the Tamar Valley ( Helen works with choirs and vocal ensembles around the country.

ONLINE VOCAL WORKOUTS - Monday 9am and 10am, Wednesday 9am and 10am 
30 mins of vocal exercises for keeping your voice supple. Useful tips on how to perform the exercises correctly and effectively. £5 per session, to be paid in blocks of 6. Ongoing throughout the summer.

YOUR VOICE EXPLAINED - Monday 7pm - 8.15pm (max 8 places)
6 week course - all aspects of vocal technique covered in detail including breathing for singing, correct use of articulators (jaw, tongue, lips), achieving optimum resonance. £95 for 6 sessions. Starts Monday 3rd August (10th, 17th 24th, 31st and 7th September). Any singer welcome, also useful for choir leaders.

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SINGING - Wednesday 7pm - 8.15pm (max 8 places)
4 weekly sessions from Wednesday 5th August (12th, 19th, 26th). Working with Helen's 'How To Improve Your Singing' book, taking you through the exercises and miniature songs. £60. 

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